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About This Project


For the release of BF Goodrich’s new Comp2 series tire, The Martin Agency enlisted Mondial to help them brainstorm and document “Awesomecross,” a nighttime autocross race course using reactive LED lighting and featuring a Who’s Who of drivers from the world of action sports. The Awesomecross event took place in Los Angeles on Saturday, March 3rd, with the Mondial team documenting the event with a 45 person camera department, shooting with seven RED Epics. The resulting campaign–––shot, edited, and finished by the Mondial team–––premiered on April 2nd and features more than twenty interactive videos documenting each driver’s experience on the Awesomecross course. The videos show drivers including Shaun White, Andy Sapp, and George Marquez competing on the night course while connected to “mood monitors” that measure their EEG, heart rate, and physical intensity levels as they maximize their G-Force on BFG’s new Comp2 tires. An interactive end card for each module allows viewers to select videos from their favorite drivers, fully immersing themselves in the course.

Animator: Timo Prousalis

Kevin Bennett

Andrew Prousalis

Nick Wurz

Duy Nguyen


BF Goodrich


The Martin Agency

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